Today we experienced our first seizure with Reggie. Yes, he does have a history of seizures, so we knew one would eventually come. We’re not new to this, having had 2 dogs experience them many years ago. This episode went on for about 5 minutes before he started to come back around. Now he’s resting and as comfortable as we can get him. Poor guy!


One month down!


One month down and we’re still surviving! Zeek and I have not eaten the cats and they still live in the garage. Moby hasn’t killed me yet but he sure gets grumpy at night. Zeek & Moby don’t fight so much and Auntie’s foot is slowly getting better. All the vet stuff seems to be over and we’re settling into fall. I still get to chase balls daily and bring in lots of great mud. Yep, it’s raining! Auntie is wanting to change the carpets to wood floors to make the mud stick less. I think she should just have dirt floors then she wouldn’t have to worry about it. 🙂

Watching and Barking

reggie looks up

Zeek and I love our new yard. It’s big with lots of stuff to smell, prickly vines that hurt if you step on them and lots of fence we can see through. This means we get to bark at lots of things! The dog next door comes over and barks at us every day. He’s little but has a big attitude. I wanna see what would happen if Zeek and he got to meet! Ha! Zeek would put an end to his barking for sure! There are also lots of people who walk along the busy road and we bark at them too.

Auntie hasn’t left the house much over the past 10 days due to Moby & Zeek. She is still worried about Moby’s neck cause it’s still draining fluid. It was getting better until Moby wanted to play with Zeek. Zeek doesn’t play with him so he pinned him down and said “no, I don’t ever want to play with you and don’t you try to play with me”. Auntie went beserk screaming at Zeek to let Moby up.She has a very loud scream when it comes to us dogs misbehaving. Anyway, I think that’s how Moby reinjured his neck.

Today we went on a long walk and I lost one of my favorite balls. Uncle let me carry it while we walked and didn’t realize I dropped it while smelling something good. Oh well, we will probably find another one real soon. Zeek’s photo below has the ball in it.  The rain has come back and it’s going to make the yard all muddy! I’m so looking forward to it!

zeek n ball


zeek n reggie

Reggie here again. We haven’t been pleased with the past couple of days and it’s all Mobys fault. He was the one who decided to roll in that nice bit of stuff in the yard and it probably made his sew-up spot extra ouchy. In fact, he’s the one who has been getting all the attention. Ok, so Auntie IS throwing balls for me (yes, I started calling her auntie because Zeek told me too. He knows more than me since he got more poodle. He said it wasn’t nice to call her the “she-feeder”. Mr Smarty!  If he’s so smart, why hasn’t he figured out how to use the flap downstairs?  I did in the first week! He told me he has a reason… but won’t tell me why.) Moby is oozing stuff out of his neck and shaking his neck to decorate the walls. Pretty cool stuff! But he has been acting funny and not wanting to play or chase as much. Auntie started him on Zeek’s medication over the weekend and spent a bunch of time talking to people on the phone about his problem. She doesn’t want to take him in because they have to give him lots of drugs just to look at his neck. Zeek and I love the vet! They can look anywhere as long as they let us kiss them and we get treats. Uncle brought home replacement meds tonight and 2 weeks of meds for Moby. Ha!

Did I tell you Zeek tried to eat one of the cats? Her name is MeMe and he tried to catch her when we went out on a walk. He thought she would be YumYum! Ha ha ha! He pulled his leash away from uncle really easy. Uncle doesn’t seem to know we like to run after cats or deer, so he forgets to put the loop around his hand. The cats don’t walk by the front door or even try to come in the house. Zeek and me love to bark at them. Uncle took all 4 of us out on a walk on Saturday alone. Ha! We tried to make him fall down several times by wrapping the leashed around his legs. It was so funny! Auntie laughed when she heard about our walk.

Maybe tomorrow Moby will be feeling better and we can go out again. Oh, and that crazy Maggie will be gone tomorrow too. I don’t like her. She steps on my head when I try to sleep. It makes me very angry so I bark and get grumpy at her.

Zeek is feeling much better. He’s almost done with the pills, which he hates to take. Auntie had to shove some of them down his throat because he didn’t like the special beef wrappers they are “hidden” in. She thinks she is so smart by putting them in yummy smelling covers, but Zeek knows! I would gladly eat them cause they smell so goood! MMMMmmmmmm! Zeek spits them out and I try to get to them first, but Auntie is too fast. Maybe tomorrow she will be slower!

House Guest

the group

The Pack: back row- Zeek, Reggie & Moby with Maggie in the front

Reggie here again: My brother still doesn’t wanna talk, so I’m gonna tell you about our new friend. Her mom brought her over last night with a big bag of yummy smelling stuff that Moby and I had to snarful thru. Her name is Maggie and she seems to know this house pretty well. She told me she doesn’t like to play with just any dog, and growled and showed her teeth at me. For such a little thing, she has big teeth! I kind of think she will beat me up if I keep pestering her, so I’ll stop. She gets really barky at the big bird when he squawks. Something else she does is get on the furniture! She walks all over the couch, chairs and big bed! Me and Zeek don’t do that… unless the food people are not looking.

Moby looks funny with the blue thing around his neck. He’s not supposed to go out and play for days. I bet he does when we go out to play BALL! That’s all I want to do right now. I keep wagging my big tail and pushing the ball to the she-feeder.  We had so much rain yesterday and I just wannna go play in the mud. Maybe there is still some of that good smelling stuff Moby rolled in yesterday morning, if the rain hasn’t washed it away.

Zeek let me show his tooth picture before they cut it out of him. It looked really yucky! I hope I don’t get anything like that. Bet that’s why Zeek doesn’t wanna say anything yet.

zeek cavity

Time for ball!

New Home

Reggie here! Our mom decided to go on a big adventure (some place called New Zealand… I wonder if they have balls there?) without us. She tried hard to figure out a way to bring us both along, but it just didn’t work. So we have to stay behind and guard our new house. The new “food people” seem to like us. They take us out on walks and feed us “healthy” bland kibble. We really liked the junk food from before. They have another dog named Moby. He is the same height as Zeek. He doesn’t always like me very much and sometimes picks fights over my most favorite thing in the world… BALLS! I love balls almost more than food. I could fetch all day long if they would let me… but I do get tired, but I don’t want to let go of the ball… so hard to choose….zzzzzzz……

reggie sleep

We have only been in the new house for 2 weeks and the she-food person found something wrong with my brothers mouth. I think I’ll have to let him tell that story tomorrow. He’s still not feeling very well today. We all went to the Vet yesterday….

zeek rest