New Home

Reggie here! Our mom decided to go on a big adventure (some place called New Zealand… I wonder if they have balls there?) without us. She tried hard to figure out a way to bring us both along, but it just didn’t work. So we have to stay behind and guard our new house. The new “food people” seem to like us. They take us out on walks and feed us “healthy” bland kibble. We really liked the junk food from before. They have another dog named Moby. He is the same height as Zeek. He doesn’t always like me very much and sometimes picks fights over my most favorite thing in the world… BALLS! I love balls almost more than food. I could fetch all day long if they would let me… but I do get tired, but I don’t want to let go of the ball… so hard to choose….zzzzzzz……

reggie sleep

We have only been in the new house for 2 weeks and the she-food person found something wrong with my brothers mouth. I think I’ll have to let him tell that story tomorrow. He’s still not feeling very well today. We all went to the Vet yesterday….

zeek rest


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