zeek n reggie

Reggie here again. We haven’t been pleased with the past couple of days and it’s all Mobys fault. He was the one who decided to roll in that nice bit of stuff in the yard and it probably made his sew-up spot extra ouchy. In fact, he’s the one who has been getting all the attention. Ok, so Auntie IS throwing balls for me (yes, I started calling her auntie because Zeek told me too. He knows more than me since he got more poodle. He said it wasn’t nice to call her the “she-feeder”. Mr Smarty!  If he’s so smart, why hasn’t he figured out how to use the flap downstairs?  I did in the first week! He told me he has a reason… but won’t tell me why.) Moby is oozing stuff out of his neck and shaking his neck to decorate the walls. Pretty cool stuff! But he has been acting funny and not wanting to play or chase as much. Auntie started him on Zeek’s medication over the weekend and spent a bunch of time talking to people on the phone about his problem. She doesn’t want to take him in because they have to give him lots of drugs just to look at his neck. Zeek and I love the vet! They can look anywhere as long as they let us kiss them and we get treats. Uncle brought home replacement meds tonight and 2 weeks of meds for Moby. Ha!

Did I tell you Zeek tried to eat one of the cats? Her name is MeMe and he tried to catch her when we went out on a walk. He thought she would be YumYum! Ha ha ha! He pulled his leash away from uncle really easy. Uncle doesn’t seem to know we like to run after cats or deer, so he forgets to put the loop around his hand. The cats don’t walk by the front door or even try to come in the house. Zeek and me love to bark at them. Uncle took all 4 of us out on a walk on Saturday alone. Ha! We tried to make him fall down several times by wrapping the leashed around his legs. It was so funny! Auntie laughed when she heard about our walk.

Maybe tomorrow Moby will be feeling better and we can go out again. Oh, and that crazy Maggie will be gone tomorrow too. I don’t like her. She steps on my head when I try to sleep. It makes me very angry so I bark and get grumpy at her.

Zeek is feeling much better. He’s almost done with the pills, which he hates to take. Auntie had to shove some of them down his throat because he didn’t like the special beef wrappers they are “hidden” in. She thinks she is so smart by putting them in yummy smelling covers, but Zeek knows! I would gladly eat them cause they smell so goood! MMMMmmmmmm! Zeek spits them out and I try to get to them first, but Auntie is too fast. Maybe tomorrow she will be slower!


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