Watching and Barking

reggie looks up

Zeek and I love our new yard. It’s big with lots of stuff to smell, prickly vines that hurt if you step on them and lots of fence we can see through. This means we get to bark at lots of things! The dog next door comes over and barks at us every day. He’s little but has a big attitude. I wanna see what would happen if Zeek and he got to meet! Ha! Zeek would put an end to his barking for sure! There are also lots of people who walk along the busy road and we bark at them too.

Auntie hasn’t left the house much over the past 10 days due to Moby & Zeek. She is still worried about Moby’s neck cause it’s still draining fluid. It was getting better until Moby wanted to play with Zeek. Zeek doesn’t play with him so he pinned him down and said “no, I don’t ever want to play with you and don’t you try to play with me”. Auntie went beserk screaming at Zeek to let Moby up.She has a very loud scream when it comes to us dogs misbehaving. Anyway, I think that’s how Moby reinjured his neck.

Today we went on a long walk and I lost one of my favorite balls. Uncle let me carry it while we walked and didn’t realize I dropped it while smelling something good. Oh well, we will probably find another one real soon. Zeek’s photo below has the ball in it.  The rain has come back and it’s going to make the yard all muddy! I’m so looking forward to it!

zeek n ball


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