Hunting Flies


Mr Zeek waiting for a housefly to drop low enough for an attack. Our weather has warmed and the fly came inside from the garage, but not for long. Zeek is quite the hunter! Look out flies and spiders, he’ll track you down until death.



Coat change

Happy January 2014!

Noodle Doodles certainly have a wide variety of coats, quite evident in the two at our home. Zeek took after the poodle side of the family. Here are a few images of what he looked like back in August, December and now January.

This was mid-August when he arrived…


Fast forward to December and the snow. Man what a furry mess!

zeekprecut1zeekprecut2 He looked like a woolly sheep/bear combo!

Today he looks a bit different after a grooming adventure. We visited the husband and wife team at Wash Your Paws Pet Grooming in Albany. They were great! A big “paws up” for their work.

zeekcut1 Zeek with the head of fluffy-do!

Final results:zeekcut3


I think he’s a happy guy now. We brought out his inner poodle to match his personality! I learned all about ear hair and other poodle things.

If you want to see Zeek at an all time low, please check out the post on my other blog titled “The Creature” . Talk about a total muddy messy situation.