Hair cuts

Life has been horribly swamped and the dogs have not been thrilled. Normally, they are the center of attention, receiving loads of daily love. Right now, they are lucky to get daily walks and pats on their scroungy heads. Last week that changed when we made 2 trips to the groomer. Reggie finally got a real bath!

reggie hairy

After his much needed bath and blow out, the groomers started in on the buzz cut.


Mr Lovey Dovey just had to try and kiss anyone close.

reggie done

All done and ready to go!┬áTalk about a super soft coat! I’ve been calling him the Velveteen Rabbit since then. Zeek and Moby were very surprised at the change, but everyone seems happy about their new doo’s. Next week is vet visits to update shots. I don’t think they will be half as thrilled at that experience.