It’s been 9 months since the boys joined our house. We’ve been through many ups and downs, bringing laughter and crying/frustration in the same day. The first 6 months were fraught with so many fights between Zeek & Moby I was about to give them all away! Most of that has dissipated but new things are cropping up. We now have a rule instated after an incident last week. No single person will walk all 3 dogs at one time. It makes it impossible to control all of them when trouble arises. Last week it was a cat that got a whooping from Zeek. Cat nail sheaths were lodged in Moby’s neck and Dave’s leg. Zeek got a few face scratches but that was about it. Our neighborhood is filled with house cats and for a dog who wants to destroy all those evil felines, it isn’t a good match. Just another reminder why we need to move out of the city.  Dave went back to find the cat owner but was unable to figure it out. He talked to several households but no luck. The cat ran away after it’s stint of beating up the dogs and Dave. I’m pretty amazed that our cats have avoided massive confrontations. If he attacks our cats, he will have to move out.

Reggie, on the other hand, is becoming rather comfy in the dog friendly home. He now sneaks up on the bed when he gets the chance. Pretty hard for him not to since Moby is allowed. It’s a dog house and everyone is allowed on the furniture, but not the dining room table! That’s where I put my foot down.

Fleas are the other sore point right now. Both Zeek & Reggie got flea baths today. Everyone is on a topical, but it’s going to take a few months to break the cycle. Next week they all go in for shots at the vet. That will be loads of fun…. NOT!


Reggie and Moby in the studio.