Under 40 days

feed us1 Hanging in the studio, pestering me for dinner. Zeek, Moby, & Reggie

feed us2


The count down is official. We have under 40 days remaining with the noodle-doodle boys. I just can’t believe 18 months have slipped away and I have to admit, it makes me very sad. They have become so much a part of our household. What will we do without the curly coated Zeek? What will Moby do without his play buddy Reggie? On the other paw, the cats have been counting down the days since the boys were dropped off back in August 2013. They are anticipating indoor life again. It’s been rather hard on those two. We have finally reached a cohesive mass of acceptable dogdome. Fights are rare. I’ll even miss not seeing my groomer (and I certainly never thought I would be saying that!). At least they will be going back to their real mom. She is in for a few changes with their diet and medication additions.

All we can do is keep soaking in their love. There’s always plenty of that to go around!