I’m Hazelnut, the new proprietor of this blog. I just moved into my forever home in Albany Oregon, after life in New Mexico. I now live with a dog named Moby, a cat Meme (queen ruler of the house ), and a big white bird called Barnaby. He screams a bunch from what Moby says. 

I’m a terrier mix and have health problems. I’m not telling my new mom and dad what happened in my past, but they seem to be pretty good at figuring things out. 

Thanks for visiting me!
Oh, and I’ll leave up what this blog used to be about. Two big crazy dogs that came here to live with Moby. It looks like they had a pretty good time! 

———————————————————–Hi! We’re Reggie and Zeek, two Labradoodles who have moved into a new home for 18 months while our mom is in New Zealand. The house already has another dog, Moby, two cats we really want to eat, birds (why would anyone have these things inside and why can’t we eat them too?) and lots of toys.

We originally came from Colorado and have lived in Issaquah Washington and Bend Oregon before moving to Albany Oregon. We’re really not certain what this new place will be like, but we’re together.

Thanks for checking in.

Love, Reggie & Zeek

reggie zeek


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