Toy Test: Wild Thang


Toy: Wild Thang Bungee Tug

Company: Genuine Dog Gear

Dog Response: Four paws up from Hazel, Moby, Zeek and Reggie!

Price: around $25

Description:  2 strips of 16″ hide with fur sewn onto sturdy nylon webbing. Nylon handle with bungee tug portion attached to the hide at one end. Well sewn and assembled to last hours of tugging fun.

Downside: Your dog will have tufts of fur stuck in their teeth. Your house will also have small clumps of dark fur appearing during play. Your dogs will want YOU to play with them!


I happened to be in Bend, Oregon last weekend visiting a dear friend and her two Doodles, Zeek and Reggie. We made a trip to her favorite pet store (Pet Express) in search of harnesses for the boys. I had to check out all their cool toys and found a new one to test. What dog could resist a buffalo/sheep skin tug toy? None of our 4 testers turned this toy down.

Reggie was tester #1 and he would NOT let go. We played for a solid chunk of time with him almost pulling me across the hardwood floors. Zeek even got excited, which was surprising! I almost felt guilty for taking the toy away. They were enjoying it so much.

At home, Hazel took to the toy immediately and I’m considering using it as a reward after a successful scent work run. Moby also grabs this toy and plays tug with Hazel. He’s not been a big tug toy dog and this is the first toy we can really do this with thanks to the solid construction.


Moby and his new Wild Thang toy

Destructibility: Could a dog chew this toy apart? Yes they could, especially if you leave it out unsupervised. I suspect the first part to go would be the nylon handle/bungee section. The hide/skin portion is pretty tough, but any determined dog could certainly chew through it as well. The company states “Workmanship & materials, 100% guaranteed. Totally washable, drool & drip resistant.” Notice it doesn’t say chew proof, so don’t trust your dog.

Conclusion: Well worth the investment! Happy dogs and a happy owner!

Toy Testers: Reggie and Zeek are both 75 lb labradoodles. Moby is a 79 lb German wire/short hair pointer. Hazel is a 17 lb Cairn terrier mix. 





Nosework Fun

Hazel has been progressing quite well through her classes. So well, the vet was totally surprised by her change in personality. Such a different dog from 6 months ago! No more massive barking and distrust of everything! She’s gone through 2 nosework courses and one reactive dog class. We still have a long ways to go…

Below are two YouTube videos of Hazel and I working through a course. The first is from last week, second from this week. We’re getting trained in all three scents (clove, anise, birch) and she is now recognizing scents not paired with food! I’m learning to get out of her way and keep her moving forward to new scents.

Nosework has been great for teaching her to connect with me, plus trust new environments. We’re signed up for our third class. More videos to come….

Sharon Gakstatter is the instructor and narrator of the video. Wonderdogs is the training facility.



Fourteen days remaining


Our time with the happy noodle doodles is coming to a close. Fourteen days remain! Last week, I took Reggie in for a dental and growth removal on top of his head. I want to make sure they head out of our home in good health. He currently looks like “franken-doggie” and irritates the sutures every time he finds a leg or the couch to rub on. Fortunately, it’s slowly healing. By the end of next week we will have the sutures removed and he can finally get in for a bath and clip.


The boys sleeping in the dining room. Not much room for us to eat at the table!

Zeek is in full coat right now. He will be making one more trip to the groomer before heading back to Bend. I’ll really miss that big curly coated crazy dog!  I’m not certain what will happen with so much less dog mass, mud, and love in the house. Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!


Under 40 days

feed us1 Hanging in the studio, pestering me for dinner. Zeek, Moby, & Reggie

feed us2


The count down is official. We have under 40 days remaining with the noodle-doodle boys. I just can’t believe 18 months have slipped away and I have to admit, it makes me very sad. They have become so much a part of our household. What will we do without the curly coated Zeek? What will Moby do without his play buddy Reggie? On the other paw, the cats have been counting down the days since the boys were dropped off back in August 2013. They are anticipating indoor life again. It’s been rather hard on those two. We have finally reached a cohesive mass of acceptable dogdome. Fights are rare. I’ll even miss not seeing my groomer (and I certainly never thought I would be saying that!). At least they will be going back to their real mom. She is in for a few changes with their diet and medication additions.

All we can do is keep soaking in their love. There’s always plenty of that to go around!


Reggie Moby

Reggie and Moby

These two are best buddies, well, for the most part. Reggie loves to initiate play with Moby  and does so on a daily basis. I don’t see the same sort of play ever happening between Zeek & Reggie, which is a shame. One would think 2 dogs that have lived together their entire life would play some. Zeek tends to do more domineering sorts of behavior rather than play. Well, at least two dogs are happy to play together as equals! I know Moby will really miss Reggie when he leaves… but that’s still a long ways off!

Sorry Amee, Reggie sleeps on the couch and bed. It’s not a regular thing, but it happens. 🙂