The big dog

Hazelnut here! It’s been a full week since joining the house and life is getting better. I’m finally friends with Moby! Granted, we don’t sleep together, but we do play some. Outside he chases me around the yard. Inside I attack and bite his head. I’m still figuring out why my new family doesn’t like me biting their hands and jumping up in their face. So perplexing! All I’m trying to do is give them attention. If I can bite moby’s face, why not theirs? 

Tuesday I tried to fly. Mom was down below poop scooping the yard, I was on the deck and decided to take a shorter route down. Who wants to use the stairs when you can jump? So I did and landed on the muddy ground. Mom freaked out and checked over my entire body. She watched me like a hawk until bedtime. I’m fine, but have decided that route might not be attempted again ( plus they’re putting up chicken wire to keep me from forgetting).

It’s Thursday and rainy! I’m not super thrilled with going outside and Moby hates the wet. Looking like another indoor day. 

Ta ta for now!