Moby finds his joy!



I never thought we would be running two dogs at scent work, but here we are! Moby is totally enjoying class since it involves loads of food. He may be slow, but he’s pretty sure at what he wants. The above video was taken during one of the winter classes. At that time, I was running both in back to back classes. That’s proven to be a horrible idea since they feed off each others reactive dog responses. It also doesn’t work when I have to wrangle both dogs in and out of the building. Hazel now attends the advanced group, Moby the intermediates.

As of last week, he became an official member of the scent work world. His first odor trials are in mid May. We will be making a trip up to Washington, along the gorge, for the event. Once he passes, we will start thinking about entering his first NW1 trial. He actually stands a better chance, at this time, for successfully passing through all 4 courses. Hazel is having issues with locations and people. Much more exposure is needed for that girl!


And then they were gone

the group1

We had our last walk with the boys on Monday night. Tuesday afternoon they went back home to Bend. Finally, they are reunited with their mom!

I’ll post a few more pix later.

Boy, our house sure is quiet now!

Beach Time

Ready for the beach! ready to walk

dave n reg

Dave and Reggie above, Zeek below with shadow and reflection.

dog reflection shadow drop it going for the ball happy boys reflection wet zeek

We had a quick overnight in Yachats OR last week. The boys all had a great time! No more fleas, so travel is finally possible again. Fortunately for us, September is one of the most beautiful months on the Oregon Coast! We love the beach just south of Alsea Bay in Waldport. Lots of running space, seals to watch & birds to chase. The boys only have 5 months left with us. It’s hard to believe we’re on the downhill portion of their stay. Pretty soon they will be living back in Bend with their mom. 🙂


Reggie Moby

Reggie and Moby

These two are best buddies, well, for the most part. Reggie loves to initiate play with Moby  and does so on a daily basis. I don’t see the same sort of play ever happening between Zeek & Reggie, which is a shame. One would think 2 dogs that have lived together their entire life would play some. Zeek tends to do more domineering sorts of behavior rather than play. Well, at least two dogs are happy to play together as equals! I know Moby will really miss Reggie when he leaves… but that’s still a long ways off!

Sorry Amee, Reggie sleeps on the couch and bed. It’s not a regular thing, but it happens. 🙂

House Guest

the group

The Pack: back row- Zeek, Reggie & Moby with Maggie in the front

Reggie here again: My brother still doesn’t wanna talk, so I’m gonna tell you about our new friend. Her mom brought her over last night with a big bag of yummy smelling stuff that Moby and I had to snarful thru. Her name is Maggie and she seems to know this house pretty well. She told me she doesn’t like to play with just any dog, and growled and showed her teeth at me. For such a little thing, she has big teeth! I kind of think she will beat me up if I keep pestering her, so I’ll stop. She gets really barky at the big bird when he squawks. Something else she does is get on the furniture! She walks all over the couch, chairs and big bed! Me and Zeek don’t do that… unless the food people are not looking.

Moby looks funny with the blue thing around his neck. He’s not supposed to go out and play for days. I bet he does when we go out to play BALL! That’s all I want to do right now. I keep wagging my big tail and pushing the ball to the she-feeder.  We had so much rain yesterday and I just wannna go play in the mud. Maybe there is still some of that good smelling stuff Moby rolled in yesterday morning, if the rain hasn’t washed it away.

Zeek let me show his tooth picture before they cut it out of him. It looked really yucky! I hope I don’t get anything like that. Bet that’s why Zeek doesn’t wanna say anything yet.

zeek cavity

Time for ball!