And then they were gone

the group1

We had our last walk with the boys on Monday night. Tuesday afternoon they went back home to Bend. Finally, they are reunited with their mom!

I’ll post a few more pix later.

Boy, our house sure is quiet now!


Fourteen days remaining


Our time with the happy noodle doodles is coming to a close. Fourteen days remain! Last week, I took Reggie in for a dental and growth removal on top of his head. I want to make sure they head out of our home in good health. He currently looks like “franken-doggie” and irritates the sutures every time he finds a leg or the couch to rub on. Fortunately, it’s slowly healing. By the end of next week we will have the sutures removed and he can finally get in for a bath and clip.


The boys sleeping in the dining room. Not much room for us to eat at the table!

Zeek is in full coat right now. He will be making one more trip to the groomer before heading back to Bend. I’ll really miss that big curly coated crazy dog!  I’m not certain what will happen with so much less dog mass, mud, and love in the house. Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!


Under 40 days

feed us1 Hanging in the studio, pestering me for dinner. Zeek, Moby, & Reggie

feed us2


The count down is official. We have under 40 days remaining with the noodle-doodle boys. I just can’t believe 18 months have slipped away and I have to admit, it makes me very sad. They have become so much a part of our household. What will we do without the curly coated Zeek? What will Moby do without his play buddy Reggie? On the other paw, the cats have been counting down the days since the boys were dropped off back in August 2013. They are anticipating indoor life again. It’s been rather hard on those two. We have finally reached a cohesive mass of acceptable dogdome. Fights are rare. I’ll even miss not seeing my groomer (and I certainly never thought I would be saying that!). At least they will be going back to their real mom. She is in for a few changes with their diet and medication additions.

All we can do is keep soaking in their love. There’s always plenty of that to go around!

Zeek’s cut

IMG_0034IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0048  IMG_0057It had been 4 months since Zeek’s last cut. He was actually pretty darn happy to be free of all the dirty locks. Since certain people had been objecting to his “poodle cut” clean face, I had them leave it longer. I actually really like his overgrown sheep look, but it’s too much work to maintain (especially when he goes wild in the juniper bushes). Blood test today to check the thyroid levels. Hopefully we’re back into the norm.

Only 3.5 months remaining before he heads back home to Bend. I’ll certainly miss this big knuckle-head when he leaves.


Beach Time

Ready for the beach! ready to walk

dave n reg

Dave and Reggie above, Zeek below with shadow and reflection.

dog reflection shadow drop it going for the ball happy boys reflection wet zeek

We had a quick overnight in Yachats OR last week. The boys all had a great time! No more fleas, so travel is finally possible again. Fortunately for us, September is one of the most beautiful months on the Oregon Coast! We love the beach just south of Alsea Bay in Waldport. Lots of running space, seals to watch & birds to chase. The boys only have 5 months left with us. It’s hard to believe we’re on the downhill portion of their stay. Pretty soon they will be living back in Bend with their mom. 🙂


Reggie Moby

Reggie and Moby

These two are best buddies, well, for the most part. Reggie loves to initiate play with Moby  and does so on a daily basis. I don’t see the same sort of play ever happening between Zeek & Reggie, which is a shame. One would think 2 dogs that have lived together their entire life would play some. Zeek tends to do more domineering sorts of behavior rather than play. Well, at least two dogs are happy to play together as equals! I know Moby will really miss Reggie when he leaves… but that’s still a long ways off!

Sorry Amee, Reggie sleeps on the couch and bed. It’s not a regular thing, but it happens. 🙂